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♦ the Loveless dressing room
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a Loveless dressing room-style RPG!
Loveless Dress

If you're unfamiliar with the concept, any 'dressing room' rp tends to run along the same lines, whatever your fandom - a place for characters of that series to interact with each other, and their doubles! Use it for fun, for crack, or to test out newborn muses! Canon, AU, crack, genderbent, wonky timelines, Loveless-based OCs... There's no limit.

The setting here is a traditional Japanese house - the only problem? There's no exit. Doors will magically regenerate as they're destroyed, and the number of rooms is infinite. Bedrooms, 'outdoor' gardens, and kitchens are only a small part of the picture.

the "rules"

♦ Join and post with your character! There's no application process, you can't really be rejected. You can create a new journal, use an old one, or even bring in one you're currently using.
♦ Do NOT post with your personal journals. Loveless characters only!
♦ Be nice and have fun. The point is to have fun, so don't be stirring up any drama!
♦ If you have a problem with something in the community, contact the mod. Again, this place is supposed to be fun.
♦ There will definitely be multiples of a character. Have fun with all of them!
♦ Tag your entries by character! If there's not a tag available, go ahead and post - one of the mods will get to it.
♦ The OOC community can be found here.
♦ Community layout found here.

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